Virtual Worlds and Dementia

  People with dementia are largely locked out of digital life. The irony is that digital technologies are very good at delivering ‘person-centred care’, the best-practice mantra in the offline world. It’s not just about preferences, or customising tool bars; software can be adapted for a range of disabilities: for the hearing and visually impaired, for people missing limbs. […]

Dementia Journal of Australia, April 2014 (in press)

The Dementia Journal of Australia is helping us collect  data for our ‘Identity and Interests’ survey, which is running live, on-line, until March 31 2014. Please do our survey if you are a person experiencing dementia or are a person supporting them. If you have had family experience of dementia, past or present, please also […]

Software for people with dementia – Christine Bryden’s 2013 speech resonates.

Christine Bryden’s insight, empathy and fierce intellect has never been more potently combined as she contemplates life in a ‘dementia prison’ (otherwise known as a dementia unit, within a residential aged care facility) as a consequence of her terminal illness. With all good intentions, dementia-care advocates can dilute their message by keeping things nice. Not […]

Man gives birth to Stars: Scanderia’s alpha release of the game ‘Quark’ This link takes you to a Vimeo video of Quark’s (alpha version). For a profile on this beautiful  game about creating the cosmos and their kickstarter campaign, see

AVED Video

Here’s a short film about my research ‘AVED’, which stands for ‘Applying Virtual environments to Dementia Care’. I wish to acknowledge the support of Swinburne University of Technology, The Smart Services Cooperative Research Centre and Alzheimer’s Australia (Victoria) and the residents and staff of Emmy Monash Aged Care   

emotional content

Emotion 1.Rather sentimental but sweet…this film demonstrates that thinking about love is a measurable impact (via scanning on an MRI) The Love Competition from Brent Hoff on Vimeo. 2. High end animation on Hip Dysplasia, created by Surgical Multimedia; this educational video is a training module designed  for early childhood education, features an evocative digital […]

Along the virtuality continuum

Over the coming months, I’ll be using this site to share and construct some hopefully useful thoughts about why it is that ‘traditional’ virtual reality platforms with 3D graphics are not being taken up by the services sector, while augmented reality, via location-based applications (mobile AR), is being explored with a fair degree of enthusiasm. […]