By | August 30, 2009

I needed some avatar pictures for an article I am preparing for the Telecommunication Journal of Australia, entitled,‘Is there a business case for using online virtual environments for meetings?’

 I found  these images on flickr. The first two  I chose to illustrate the status of the newbie when compared to a seasoned Second Life Resident; the point being that the extreme personalisation capablities  of the Second Life platform might be a barrier to enterprises wishing to use it. ( ‘You turn up at an event feeling like Cinderella at the ball’).


The third photo is not for the journal article but I could not resist it.

It flies in the face of the airbrushed aspirational ‘babes’ which usually populate the virtual world. I really like the forthright individualism of the avatar, and also it’s a most evocative image. The Second Life Flickr photostream is a rich source for extraordinary avatar images (far superior to Google’s ‘images’ search base). It demonstrates  that  some of us take mere snaps whilst others are true photographers, even when

1. It’s just a virtual world,
2.There are no environmental or technological variables 
3. The only technique  involved is a keystroke and a mouse click.

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2 thoughts on “Avatar!

  1. Vishnu

    Avatar in sanscrit is the representation of a human god on earth.? When they are bored, they just come to visit us.

    see also this interesting post

    1. mandysalomon

      Thanks for these insights and your post. Vishnu. Perhaps we can add angels to this list (Though they tend to be less Buxom) What about ghosts, spririts. And we have always had dolls.

      Might history have prefigured cyberspace ? Heaven being the data cloud and hell being dial up …. :)


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