For your next conference : Technique for live blogging with embedded sound and video on the hop.

By | October 16, 2009

This comes from Jarrod Watt, whose opinion I sought after seeing how effectively he did live blogging from the Youth Council of Victoria State Conference, ‘ Here Now & Next ‘ yesterday.

It’s one thing to type straight into the blog, but Jarrod did it with audio and photos and he can do it with video too. Here’s how it’s done:

Jarrod writes  :

The standard method of production (audio stream) for these kinds of things is: – Ask the sound guy “can I have an auxiliary out from your desk?” – Plug a stereo RCA lead from the desk into my mp3 recorder – Every now and then stand up and walk around the room and take some photos – While the presentations are going on I’m cutting photos, importing into photoshop, blogging what’s happening – After each presentation (depending on the changeover time between speakers) move the raw audio file onto laptop – While presentations are happening I’m topping and tailing the audio (snipping off mc intros, adjusting audio levels) and exporting back to mp3 on hard drive – Load up mp3s, insert the ABC code for mp3 player… – Publish!

Here are some other examples of this production model in action:

Then I asked him for about how the  Flip Camera  might be used :

Not sure how good the lens is on those things – if you were hoping to capture the audio from sound desk via an audio input to the camera (clean, listenable off the mic; not boomy and echoey from the room) you are constrained both by where the desk is in relation to the stage, and how much you can move the camera around .

In terms of actual content style –

1) Publish the “we are here it’s all about to start” story for your online audience – including a photo of the room

2) Before processing the audio/video write a basic summary of what was just said, publish photos of the people speaking

3) Process your files – embed in blog page

Jarrod makes it sound so easy!!! Love to hear from anyone who gives it a try. I will too.

Jarrod is the National Online Producer of ABC radio’s Heywire, a program which captures many important stories and insights from Australia’s regional youth.

Thanks also to fellow panelist Bryce Ives, Executive Producer- Regional and Rural Youth Initiatives at Australian Broadcasting Corporation for oiling the wheels of communication about the method. Bryce gave an inspiring talk about the potency of new media technologies to give voice to regional youth (of whom he was once one).

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