Virtual Parliament House

By | August 25, 2010

The industry white paper, Immersive Internet Australia, is currently embargoed, as Smart Services CRC  industry partners get the first look.  It will shortly  to be released (see the tab on the home page which links to it).  In the  concluding chapter, I suggest  Parliament House in Canberra should go virtual.  Here’s the excerpt :

Coincidentally,  Australian free-to-air television station, The Nine Network, has put its toe in the water by creating a virtual Parliament House as part of its election night coverage. I was quite excited by the  the coverage as it went to air, and now, friends at the  Metaverse Journal have brought the background story to light, via a YouTube video they sourced.  The ABC also played with the idea : election data represented as augmented 3D graphs, was placed in front of journalist Leigh Sales, as she spoke.

Next?  Reporter avatars. Stay tuned (as they say).

Here’s the video

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