Wikileaks, the Christmas gift that keeps on giving

By | December 17, 2010

Wikileaks heralds the end of secrets. The primacy of privacy is eroding, as anyone on Facebook can attest.  Now the shift has hit governments around the world.  They are shaken and stirred, and gone forever is our tacit acceptance that information held by government agencies should be silo-ed and untouchable. Everyone, all of us, are now accountable for our actions to the new regulator, or rather, self-regulator, that organism that is the global network.

The reverberations have only just begun.

Few would have dared predict that in 2010, the Internet would neutralise the secret service, and the cosy chats of entre-nous diplomacy.

Where once the door to the back room of politics was shut, it will now be forever ajar, but we will need to be wary, as pragmatists may choose Wikileaks over the parliamentary press corps to spread the word.. Wikileaks could even become the new frontier for counter-espionage.

But regardless of whose message is carried, Wikileaks is developing into some new kind of Associated Press, and, in the process, is corralling traditional news media into three parts: press releases, sports news and opinion pieces.

Scoops regarding the corridors of power and its underbelly will be increasingly supplied by a global population of  ‘we, the deep throat’s’. That is, if the Internet remains open….

…this will be our big challenge in the next 12 months.

Season’s greetings !

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