Never work with kids, animals or avatars: Part 1, The ACCAN Conference

By | September 23, 2011

In September I was pleased to attend the ACCAN Conference in Sydney, for debate and presentations about the future of Broadband in Australia  – remembering of course that it is we who shape the future –  and how the building of the structuring of the National Broadband Network (NBN), might play out At the dinner, Keynote speaker Genevieve Bell, located in Dublin, was beamed in via the virtual world platform Vastpark. These pictorial mementos tell the story more quickly than  words.

The head of NBN Co, literally, (CEO Mike Quigley).

L-R Avatars of Malcolm Turnbull MHR, (Opposition spokesman for Broadband, Communications, Moi, Genevieve Bell (Intel), Senator Stephen Conroy (Federal Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy)

Were there technical hiccups? Yes, the opening and closing of ports at UTS and the lack of sound flumoxed the remote (Melboure) avateers, who were relying on the audio cues. Chris Zinn from Choicequipped that the avateering made the Thunderbirds look like Olivier! Solid back up from the ACCAN team helped smooth things out.

The unflappable ACCAN team, Elise Davidson and Richard Van Der Male

Bruce Joy from Vastpark has written an amusing piece about it all. For me, the event will be remembered as the day Senator Conroy and the Hon Malcolm Turnbull got their avatars (no wings).

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