Ode, in the social media mode

By | August 3, 2010

A friend commented on a rather quirky claim to fame: that I might just be the first comic to use an iPad on stage ?!?

We have many lives.

In a previous one, I performed comedy at a much missed venue in inner Sydney, named The Gap,which was located on the 3rd floor of the notorious Sydney Trade Union Club in Foveau Street,  Surry Hills.

To kick off a Powerhouse Museum curatorial project on the new wave comedy of the era,  (the mid  80’s), there was a concert featuring some now famous names. There’s more information about the event, via the Facebook group ‘The Gap Reunion’ ).

Reprising my role as the compere,  I assumed my character-of-old, ‘Fiona Smout’. Fiona was always at the cutting edge of cool, but sadly, was very unlucky in love. So a poem on social media, which reflects my current research interests, provided some comic material (as too, our forthcoming federal election) for the night. It is reproduced here.

Ode, in the Social Media Mode

A  kindly friend on facebook
Suggested I ‘add’ you, and take a look.
I was not to know what would unravel
Once the metadata between us began to travel

A search on Google was to relay
Your A+ status on eBay
Ninety nine percent were satisfied!
Which your 5000 Linkedin connections ratified

With such a reputation
I accepted your invitation
To a chat room if you please
To discuss Microsoft’s latest release.

We debated the value of IP
Shared and downloaded MP3
You sent me jpegs from afar
We even synced our calendar

Our love progressed to Second Life
Where, predictably, you had a wife
But your lie to me was no matter,
In real life, my chest is flatter.

And now, I cannot resist
To see if you actually exist.
To meet face-to-face, do I dare?
Or is this a reality I should myself spare ?

Why not learn to simply embrace
Love that takes place in the digital space.
The downer is it’s  far from total,
but on the upside, its multimodal.

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One thought on “Ode, in the social media mode

  1. The geek

    Bravo, superb poem ! I love the energy and the references !


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