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Wikileaks, the Christmas gift that keeps on giving

Wikileaks heralds the end of secrets. The primacy of privacy is eroding, as anyone on Facebook can attest.  Now the shift has hit governments around the world.  They are shaken and stirred, and gone forever is our tacit acceptance that information held by government agencies should be silo-ed and untouchable. Everyone, all of us, are now accountable for our… Read More »

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New Report: Immersive Internet Australia: Education

I’ve posted my report, (the full PDF version is located under the Immersive Internet Australia tab, profile on education), profiling Australian educators’ use of virtual worlds and other immersive technologies. Hopefully, it is something of a roadmap for those contemplating such tools, as well as a marker of those who already do. Here’s the abstract :… Read More »

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