Games in the corridors of a nursing home…really ?

By | March 19, 2014

Much of this blog is about web culture, latterly, how personalised apps can be optimised to support people with dementia (this is the subject of my PhD). Games can be a wonderful addition the life in a nursing home environment, but that doesn’t have to mean bingo or blowing bubbles. (See previous my blog entries)

But how to reinterpret them using digital technology? Remember how newspapers used to look? Facsimiles of the printed version were simply uploaded onto the web. It took sometime before the concept of news was re-envisioned to suit the online medium.

But then, maybe the idea of ‘formal games’ isn’t the focus at all.  Here’s a video that shows how simple and spontaneous a game can be; it’s between two people who don’t know each other, can’t see each other’s faces, are caught in a traffic snarl , and get playful. (Thanks to my QUT colleague Zac Fitzwalter who posted it on his gamification blog).

This  game that costs nothing, takes up no room, is not dangerous, takes next to no time,  and could bring about a spontaneous moment of fun in high-care corridors. Let me know what happens, if you do indeed try it.

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