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Technology for exploring ‘self’ in dementia care : CIRCA and Robots

In my investigation of software tools for people with dementia, a pioneering product is the desk top digital reminiscence tool for people with dementia, CIRCA. Whilst in Glasgow for the 2014 Alzheimer’s Europe Conference  (this link takes you to the assistive technology abstracts), I had the pleasure to meet with collaborators on the project, Professor Arlene Astell (University of… Read More »

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Software for people with dementia – Christine Bryden’s 2013 speech resonates.

Christine Bryden’s insight, empathy and fierce intellect has never been more potently combined as she contemplates life in a ‘dementia prison’ (otherwise known as a dementia unit, within a residential aged care facility) as a consequence of her terminal illness. With all good intentions, dementia-care advocates can dilute their message by keeping things nice. Not… Read More »

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