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Are virtual worlds off the boil ?

The August release of Gartner’s 2010 hype cycle for emerging technologies, which sees Virtual Worlds lodged in the pit of the disillusionment trough, has generated some interesting discussion in the blogosphere. VW’ds marketing consultant Mary Ellen Gordon asks why this has occurred, especially in light of Gartners’ much quoted 2007 declaration’ that by 2012, 80… Read More »

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Why virtual goods are not ‘make believe’

Today’s report on the rise of virtual goods, demonstrates widely held misconceptions, if its social media expert Jules Cole’s response is anything to go by. Commenting on the strength of the global trend, and the success of  Californian company Virtual Greats, Coles says: “If they (virtual goods) are free, I can definitely see the use of them… Read More »

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A little plug : Journal of Virtual Worlds Research now out

A little  plug With co-editor Serge Soudoplatoff, I wish to recommend the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, Volume 2, Number 4: Virtual Economies, Virtual Goods and Service Delivery in Virtual Worlds, to you. It is now available on line. Introductory Blurb reads: In this special edition on virtual-world goods and trade, we are pleased to… Read More »

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