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New Report: Immersive Internet Australia: Education

I’ve posted my report, (the full PDF version is located under the Immersive Internet Australia tab, profile on education), profiling Australian educators’ use of virtual worlds and other immersive technologies. Hopefully, it is something of a roadmap for those contemplating such tools, as well as a marker of those who already do. Here’s the abstract :… Read More »

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Immersive Learning: on or off the boil?

Immersive Learning was very much on the agenda in Australia in 2008, as this video made by Educationau enthusiastically demonstrates. A group from Gippsland TAFE, in Victoria, drafted a set of protocols for immersive learning here but, like Educationau, the site has not been modified for two years. So what has happened in the interim; has the… Read More »

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